What is a unique or particularly insightful response to an assignment or competence?

Simply responding to an assignment or competence does not make an excellent essay. To be excellent, an essay must go well beyond the requirements of the assignment, providing the reader with an “ah-ha” moment, a new insight, or exceptionally compelling evidence. The best way to write such an essay is not to worry about getting everything perfect at first. Instead, write about what you are passionate about, pursue your ideas even when they lead you to contradictions and confusions, be honest about what you do know and what you do not, support every point you make with evidence that is accurate, compelling and as comprehensive as possible, address fairly the objections others might make to your claims, include lots of detail and focus narrowly. Once you have done this, have others read your paper and give you feedback on your argument as well as your grammar. Then, revise and revise again until your ideas are as clear on paper as they are in your head. Finally, proofread many times in different ways.

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