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Writing Showcase

2015-2016 Submission Deadline:  April 1, 2016, Writing Showcase Application Form

The Writing Showcase celebrates the outstanding writing of SNL students. If you have received an “A” on a paper or glowing feedback on an Independent Learning Project (ILP), consider submitting your work to the Writing Showcase. You may submit up to three pieces of writing. By submitting your work, you not only share your accomplishment with others, but also provide inspiration to your fellow SNL students as they work on their writing assignments.  Excellent submissions will be recognized at the Spring Awards Luncheon.


Jacqueline Bates, To Autumn

Mary Dean, Taking Ownership in Wellness Through Holistic and Integrative Mental Health Treatment Options

Maria Gallegos, Empower the Latino Community: Improve Alzheimer’s Outreach

Donna Kman,Walkable Communites: Are Baby Boomers Changing the Landscape and the Demographics of our Communities?

Henry Kman, Why do Seniors Retire outside their Native Country?

James Scalzitti, Italians vs. Themselves


Sarah Bishara, An Analysis of Employee Perceptions of Motivational Factors in the Workplace

Angelique Guinn, Fundamentalism and the Modern American Woman

Ronnie Malley, Andalusia: A Journey of Music and Cultural Exchange

Jason Meyer, Splice of Life: The Beatles and the Tale of Their Tape

Marc Raffa, Let's Get Bready, To Give Back!

Katie Reginaldi, In Support of a Church Garden and Adventures in the Community Garden


Sarah Gottlieb, Urbalism: Combining Herbalism and Urban Foraging to Form Natural Connections to an Urban Environment

Jillian Gryzlak, Cultural Symbols and Textile Communication: The Documentation of a Woven Symbolic Textile

Carol Hillman, Eternal Silence

Ruth Rose Sachs, Privacy and Marketing Online


Toni M. Bond Leonard, The Struggle for Reproductive and Intellectual Integrity

Lisa Freeman, Running for the Train

Brian Leonard, Lost in America: A Reagan-Era Comedy and Goldman Sachs' Bonuses: Justified or Not?

Leonard Musielak, The Corporate Culture Conundrum: Cross Cultural Issues in International Human Resource Management

Kristine Schultz, It's the End of the World as We Know It


Jeffrey C. Barg, A Happier New Year from Poston and Do Squirrels Matter?

Nathan Fey, Mary Magdalene and the Markan Appendix

Stephen A. Hall, Cultural Competence in the Writing Center: Partnering with Students of Color in Writing through Understanding

Jeffery A. Kidd, A Terminal Day

Margaret D. Sabatino, Alternatives for handling stormwater runoff from disconnected downspouts in urban cold climate areas.


Mark Fung, Analyzation and Application of the Writing Process

David Graham, Polly's Dilemma

Monique Maher, Birth

Robert Martin, Identifying and Addressing Deficiencies in United States Healthcare

Leonard T. Musielak, "Google-ing" China: An Ethical Analysis of Google's Censorship Activities in the People's Republic

Edward Pinkowski, Warsaw, Chicago, and Greek Tragedies

Amy Tesch, Creativity Can Lead to Better Health . . . Care Reform

Joan Travers, My Skydiving Mishaps: A Quick Lesson in Physics

Class Writing Projects

KnowRedInk: Stories from Writing Together - Writing Well, Winter 2011

Needless To Say . . . Stories from Writing Together, Spring 2011



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