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For guidance and annotated examples, click on the following:


Advanced Elective Papers

Advanced Projects (APs)

Externship Journals

Independent Learning Pursuits (ILPs)

Research Seminar Research Proposals


MAAPS Graduate Learning Plans

MAEA Applied Inquiry Projects

You may also find helpful the student papers recognized for their excellence in the SNL Writing Showcase.

Students in Foundations who are struggling with their first annotated bibliography will find help here on the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL). While you are there, look around the site to find lots of other guidance on academic, professional and technical writing.

For more examples, see Bedford/St. Martin's Model Documents Gallery for annotated examples of writing in the following areas:

  • Business and Technical Writing (including e-mails, proposals, and job search documents)
  • Humanities
  • Natural and Applied Sciences



SNL Faculty on Discussion Board Posts and Research Papers

Discussion board posts:

The best posts were specific, responsive to other posters, polite, analytical, and supported by evidence from classroom discussions and/or the texts in question. The weaker posts were too general, unoriginal, rude, simplistic, off-topic, and supported with emotion rather than fact. Instructors focused on the need for reflection--as opposed to simple agreement/disagreement with previous posters--and the need for interactivity. They suggested composing posts offline to avoid emotional outbursts or poorly thought-out posts, but they also emphasized that students must read their fellow posters' comments carefully and make sure to gear their responses to the topic.


Research Papers:

The best papers reflected a grasp of the assignment, were well organized, addressed the question thoughtfully, connected the universal to the particular, and used sources well. The weaker papers failed to state their purposes or clearly define their terms and evinced poor research and a lack of critical thinking. Instructors recommended that students writing research papers pay special attention to developing a clear thesis, supporting it with credible evidence, and analyzing that evidence rather than merely summarizing it.


-- from SNL Faculty Workshop, 1/11/06

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